It's been a year already?!

Initial public release of adesklets (version 0.0.1) has been made on December the third, 2004, and the project has been a success beyond the author's expectations.

So far, more than fifty people have contributed one way or another to the project by writing code, reviewing documentation, contributing patches or desklets, and we do not even count all theses who submitted screenshots, talk to their friends and peers about adesklets or took the time to report problems, comments or questions -- many thanks to all, and congratulations for your involvement.

adesklets is now supported one way or another by all the major community-driven Linux Distributions, and is getting more and more re-packaged in commercial ones. BSDs and commercial Unix are not left aside either.

An adesklets world

On average, more than height hundreds people a day visit adesklets site, with a third of them coming back on a regular basis. If they were representative of the world as a whole, it would means most computer-literate folks live in Europe these days, principally in Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Poland. In this world, South-America, especially Brazil, is a major player as well, far ahead the third-world countries like United States, Japan or Canada where people do not have access to computers as much as they should; but how helping them?

In term of operating systems, Unix and BSD derivatives are the norm (people usually settling for what is better for them), but Windows is a not-to-be-neglected emerging force doing big inroads with a bold 15% market share, which is unluckily a platform adesklets does not support. We also need to be concerned with the near-monopolistic position of the Firefox Browser, used by more than 80% of users. Hopefully, Safari, Konqueror, Opera and others will be able to balance things out in the future -- it is too soon to tell how widely adopted will Internet Explorer be: with a 4% market share and basically a single platform supported, its future is hard to predict.

The road ahead

adesklets is maturing and getting more recognition and support -- to celebrate, we just released adesklets 0.5.0: check it out. The ever growing community submit more desklets by the month, making it a more attractive program with each new release, with not a single API breakdown since the beginning, but only backward-compatible, incremental changes: a single desklets was released initially, we now have more then thirty of them. Who knows what will happen in the next year?