The basis

If you want to start hacking on adesklets code base, or if you are a hardcore user seeking the latest revision, this page is just for you.

The latest changes to the adesklets code base (and website) are publicly available at all time from the online code repository. The web interface gives you a simple way to track, analyse and eventually generate on-the-fly patches against pre-packaged releases.

You can get (development) help and share ideas on the adesklets-devel mailing list, or directly by email with the adesklets maintainer if you feel more like it.

Grabbing the code (cloning the repository)

If you have more needs (or are just especially curious!), the next thing to do would be to grab the latest version of the code, using git and its companion software cogito. It can be performed anonymously from the command line:

cg clone git://

Once done, you should have a bare-bone version of the latest source code at your disposal under ./adesklets. Later on, you can just update it by fetching and locally merging the latest changes, which will be a lot faster:

cg fetch && cg merge

Building the code from your cloned repository

For successfully building adesklets from the repository, you will need some packages in addition of what is listed in the INSTALL document: basically, you will need most of the GNU autotools (automake, autoconf) as well as GNU Make, flex, bison, help2man and makeinfo -- any version of these software packages published in the last two or three years should do. Then, do invoke:


And you should be in business; make sure to follow any direction given by this last script. Finally, be also aware that a few of the distribution-specific targets are less portable (some display a GNU bias), since they were not intended to be used "at large", but only by maintainers and similarly programming-inclined people.

Sharing your changes

Of course, you can use any method you like for sharing your modifications to the adesklets code base: for instance, generating patches from your cloned repository with command cg diff, then posting them online or on adesklets-devel would be perfectly fine. Nevertheless, be aware there is a more powerful solution at your disposal.

adesklets public git repository accepts anonymous push into a special branch called "mob". A special keyless, password-less user, also called mob, can push changes into it. You just have to set up the remote branch:

cg branch-add mob git+ssh://

Then you are ready to push there (cg push): you are making the history! It is nevertheless a good idea to bring your changes to the attention of adesklets-devel or the maintainer, so that people can review your work and eventually commit it into the master branch.