adesklets aims at providing reliable, working code. Here, you will find desklets that have significant, known bugs that went unfixed for a long time, making them broken or semi-broken: sometimes, they just felt out of sync with the libraries they use, or the services they connect to. For each entry, neither the original authors nor the community felt compelled enough to keep maintaining them.

Use what you find on this page at your own risk: don't expect much support from the original authors. The material here is only distributed in the hope that, in the true free software spirit, some luckier or more commited people might do something out of them.

torsmotoy 0.0.2

Language: Python Author: Sylvain Fourmanoit
adesklets version of the infamous Torsmo monitor.

Download torsmotoy 0.0.2

modubar 0.0.1

Language: Python Author: Mike Panchenko
Modular version of the Yab toolbar.

Download modubar 0.0.1

paclet 0.1.0

Language: Python Author: Cameron Daniel
Pacman package manager frontend; pacmansentry offers similar functionality.

Download paclet 0.1.0

aurfeed 0.0.1

Language: Python Author: Cameron Daniel
Displays the latest updated packages available from the community for Arch Linux; successor of this desklet is aurnotify.

Download aurfeed 0.0.1