Users screenshots gallery

This is a small selection of shots adesklets users submitted over the months, chiefly through the forum.

You feel you too have a cool "adesklets-powered" desktop you want to share with the community or just want to see more shots? Well, follow this link.

Shots by Dark Liquid

Under Linux (probably LFS), with Xfce4 as a windows manager.

Also available in dual screen:

Shot by Sherif Nagy

Under Mandrake Linux 10.2, using PekWM.

Shot by CharlieB

Under FreeBSD, using PekWM.

Shot by Martin Kirchgessner

Under Gentoo Linux, using FluxBox (with Calendar in French).

Shot by Sylvain Fourmanoit

Still under Gentoo Linux, using Compiz

Shot by Louis Nichols

Under Ubuntu, using Metacity (GNOME).

Shot by Thibault Moriau

Still under Ubuntu, using Metacity (GNOME).

Shot by Labo16

Yet another shot under Ubuntu, using Metacity (GNOME).

Launch bar below is Simdock.

Shot by Colinnc

Under Slackware Linux, using KDE in dual screen.